October 21, 2009 WF3D List Builder
Hi just received another payment, this site is just great, and nice to get those Alertpay emails, 6.15 thanks everyone and enjoy bye

October 15, 2009 WF3D List Builder
Workfor3dollars is a fantastic opportunity to anyone who wants to make money online.
It has been 20 days I am on the program and I received my first payment already!
It's a very affordable program and easy to promote.
!!Thanks for this great opportunity!!

October 02, 2009 WF3D List Builder
WF3D is so easy and cheap that it does not make sense to let it pass by. It is only ONE time payment and nothing more... EVER! I love it! I promote in above website and some others.

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Welcome to WF3D List Builder

"Finally...The BEST List Builder to INSTANTLY send
your advertising message to THOUSANDS
while making money At the same time!"

WorkFor3Dollars list builder is a powerful list builder and money-making system that helps you advertise your products to an enormous list of double opt-in paid prospects that are hungry for what you have to offer!

You will be able to post your message to OUR List of Double Opt-in LEADS of REAL Money Seekers!

All Marketers Agree And Recommend A FREE GMail Account
For Advertising Sites. Please use a GMail account to signup or
You may NOT receive our emails.

Username :
Full Name :
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By joining you agree to receive emails from WorkFor3Dollars.
You are also agreeing to the rest of our Terms and Conditions

How it Works

You may join for Free and You will get access to the List Builder mailer, the direct referrals imailer and all the promotional tools as soon as You join WorkFor3Dollars.

Would You decide to upgrade, You will be paid for direct and indirect upgraded referrals and direct referrals advertising purchases.

Members earn a MONTHLY commission for every member that joins their 3x15 forced matrix. The commission earned depends on the level where the new member joins. Please refer to the List Builder compensation plan page for details.
Additionally, All the people who join The WorkFor3Dollars List Builder directly under You will be part of your list of leads that you can email periodically.

List Builder Bonuses

We are proud to give away BIG Advertising Bonus to EACH new member and also a HUGE advertising Package for FREE to all our Upgraded members.

$50.00 Advertising BONUS Included
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