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General Questions

What is WorkFor3Dollars?
WorkFor3Dollars is a well designed and automated system that guarantees steady income without you leaving your present job or academics. This program offers an opportunity that no companies can match. We will help you to reach your goals of financial freedom and success, a dream income that will become reality, with flexible work hour and more quality time to your family, you and your family will achieve a better life and we guarantee the stability of this program that will be here for a lifetime, so your success will be passed on to your next generation.

How do I make money with WorkFor3Dollars?
Once you join WorkFor3Dollars, you will be given a link refer other people to WorkFor3Dollars. You can make $2,566,863.30 each MONTH just by refering upgraded members to WF3D.

How much does it cost to join WorkFor3Dollars?
The cost for membership at WorkFor3Dollars is $3.00 per month.

I don't have a AlertPay account, can I still join WorkFor3Dollars?
No. You can only pay via AlertPay.

When do I have to pay the fee?
You can join and test the system. You decide when is the right time for You to upgrade. You can even stay with us as a free member for life if You prefer

How much will I be paid for every upgraded person I refer?
It depends..You can check our commission plan here

How soon after my referral upgrade will I receive the commission?
No Waiting - Instant Deposited in your WorkFor3Dollars account.

How do I get paid?
You will be paid to your AlertPay.

When do I get paid?
You decide your own cashout level. You will be paid to your AlertPay account once that your WF3D account will have reached your own cashout level.

Do I have to wait a long time for my payment?
No, we process payments at least one time per week; usually twice a week.

I have joined, now what should I do?
Share this opportunity with your friends, family, collegues and any other person you can that may be interested in joining an opportunity that could provide them an additional income. We have provided many banners, splash pages and ad copy for your use. The sooner you do so, the faster you will begin earning.

Login to your account, follow the "Promote WF3D" link and do that; Promote it!

How many levels deep does the Matrix go?
Our Matrix is 3 members wide and 15 levels deep as shown here.. This means that you will receive payment for each person who signs up below you for up to 15 levels - Each Month!

Can I have more than one account?
No. There is no need to maintain more than one account.

How do my delete my WorkFor3Dollars account?
Log into your WorkFor3Dollars account and click your Account Information. You will find a button to delete your account. Simply click that button, confirm your removal, and your account will be removed. Please note that by deleting your account, you agree to forfeit all credits, upgrades, downlines, commissions, and information regarding your account. These will not be restored under any circumstance.

I am an upgraded member and would like to cancel my subscription. How do I do that?
Cancelling an upgrade at WorkFor3Dollars is simple. Alertpay currently processes all of our payments. You will simply need to log into Alertpay account and cancel your subscription and you will no longer be billed. Please note that deleting your WorkFor3Dollars will not cancel your subscription. You must cancel your subscription at Alertpay to stop being billed.

List Builder Questions

What is a list builder?
A list builder is a mailing list where all members can mail to each other. These emails cannot be considered as spam because every member has opted in and comfirmed their email address. A list builder can be used to advertise websites, business oppertunities and so forth.

Do list builders really work?
Yes, Some of the largest Internet Marketers in the world started their businesses thanks to list builders. It is still a highly recommended strategy used by some of the top Internet Marketers today.

Will I receive a lot of emails?
Yes, we do suggest to create e free email account dedicated to your list building activity (GMail works great!) because you will receive quite a few emails each day.

How does the credit based mailer work?
With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to the entire membership level you are. This is a really good feature because it allows you to save your credits and use them whenever you want to.

What is 1 credit worth?
1 credit is 1 member of the list you can send your ads to.

How can I earn credits?
You can earn credits by referring others to our list builder and by clicking (viewing) on the ADS (Solo ADS, Page View Ads, Member E-mails and Banners) that you receive from our list builder.

I didn't receive my verification links. How can I get them resent to me?
You can log into your account and click on your account information. On that page you will find a link where you can request your verification links to be resent to you.

My question is not listed how do I contact You?
Click on this link to be redirected to our support desk.
You will be usually answered within 72 hours

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